We aim to take a different approach in reaching out and helping people along the journey.

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We believe in teaching the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy as well as the rules and rewards of entrepreneurship as they are the key components for our success as a community.

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The main objective of Persian Cultural Center is to enhance solidarity among Iranians, promote Iranian culture, art, literature and defend Iranians and persons of Iranian descent under the statutes of the United States. To achieve these goals, our main focus will be on two broad categories: Cultural and social.


Persian Cultural Center’s (PCC) mission is to promote social and cultural integration of Iranian-Americans, other Persian speaking communities, and local communities into mainstream American society.

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The Persian Community Center of Atlanta (hereto after referred to as Kanoon), which was established in 1989, is a cultural-social nonprofit organization not affiliated with any party, front, or a particular group.

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We appreciate your generosity and your cooperation in supporting your community to spread its community ans service opportunities. All Donations are Federal and GA state tax deductible.

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Yalda Celebration at Kanoon

YALDA PARTY WITH DJ & DANCE Shab-e Yalda (“Yalda night” Persian: شب یلدا‎) or Shab-e Chelleh (“night of forty”, Persian: شب چله‎)...

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  • GISO folks have organized a fantastic party for tomorrow evening at Persian Cultural Center. Spread the word and...
  • Friday Jan 12 - 4:29pm

FastGrowing Community ...

  • Sima and Vahid live in Buckhead, near Vahid successful orthopedics practice. Having immigrated from Iran in the eighties, they've had plenty of time to establish themselves in Atlanta. They speak both English and Farsi at home, and their daughter, at Pace, feel more American than Iranian. Sima and Vahid are happy to be community benefactors, and want to see Iranians succeed. Since they immigrated long time ago they really love to stay connected to the Persian community and celebrate their heritage, and they found Kanoon as the best place to go. They especially want to know their donations are a good investment—not a handout, but a step toward self sufficiency.

    Individual Donors
    Individual Donors
    The Sadeghi’s feel proud of Kanoon
  • Jennifer's been in corporate giving for most of her career. First, in development at a small non-­‐profit, and then at a few corporations in town un@l she finally landed in heading up giving at one of Atlanta's Fortune 100. She's a seasoned steward and takes what she considers to be a very shrewd approach. Not only do the causes her company supports need to align with their overall corporate cultural strategy, and needs to show measurable results, but it has to deliver good stories that will resonate with investors and the media.

    Corporate Donors
    Corporate Donors
    Jennifer wants to investment in Kanoon.
  • Nina is 17, a second generation Iranian, who was born in Atlanta and learned Farsi from her grandparents and help of Farsi school at Kanoon. “Farsi was my first language and I learned to read and write when I was like 11. I think it's really important to keep heritage alive, especially when you don't live in the country that your parents come from. I also loveNoroz , Chaharshanbe sori, and Yalda. In high school I tried to get the cultural club to celebrate all of those. And the tradi@onal music is really cool, I think it would be cool to have programs that teach how to play the old instruments. Culture is really important to me.”

    Farsi learner
    Farsi learner
    Nina needs to learn more about the history, literature and culture of Iran as she really enjoy and love to stay connected to her rout.
  • Amin is new to Atlanta. After finishing his BS in Tehran University, he followed his dream by moving to Georgia, with a promise to be able to finish his master in computer science and find a steady job as an engineer in one of the top firm in USA. He come to Atlanta and stay in La Quinta Hotel but He doesn’t have any idea about how to find a place, buy a cellphone or what to do with his money and fortunately he contact a Persian student in facebook and she urges him to seek help from GISO and they can take care of everything. Finally he starts his new life in Atlanta however new advisor, being far from family and move to a new country are new challenges that he is facing all in the same time. He lives with two other students from India and Thailand in a two bedroom apartment, it's a tight squeeze for everyone. After a year or so, he break up with his girlfriend of 3 years in Iran as they both feel long distance relationship is not working for them. He is experiencing depression and homesick. A friend recommends him to join GISO events at Kanoon and by being a part of Iranian community overcome his homesick and depression to be more focused on his life and live happier and enjoy the best period of his life more and more.

    Cultural Support
    Cultural Support
    Amin needs to know that Kanoon can help him to feel at home and living in a new warm and supportive community